Apr 10, 2016

Decisions! Decisions!

I hear some people say it's either by luck, chance or prayer when your kid gets into their first choice or any one of the many colleges that they have applied to during the college process. I can so understand when they say that, since I can now say that at this point I have gone through the process and know what to expect.

All the planning, researching, tutoring, testing, applications, deadlines and waiting patiently has lead to the light at the end of the tunnel. With great anticipation all acceptance and rejection letters have come in and now its decision making time.

Jan 17, 2016

8 Tips for Building a Better Relationship with your Teenager

My teenager will be 18 this fall. The time just seems to be flying by so quickly. I remember the day she was born, like it was yesterday. I call her my miracle baby, she was delivered by emergency c-section, 2 months early, weighting 1 lb 12 oz. But the miracle is she was fully developed and she survived.  God does work miracles!

I am a single parent and raising a child in a one parent household is not easy. But with Gods help, we made it and she will be on her way to college in  the fall. I wanted to share a few tips that I learned along this journey that worked for me.

Eight Tips for Raising a Teenager

Jan 3, 2016

Basic and Classic

I work in a corporate environment,  so I invest in a lot of basic pieces for my work wardrobe. I stick with neutral colors that I can coordinate with other pieces that I already own. Neutral colors makes it easier for me to add color but still maintain the corporate dress code.  Basic pieces for me are button down shirts in a variety of colors. Trousers in all styles, a great fitting jacket, skirts, dresses and classic pumps.

Having these basic staples in my closet makes it so much easier for me to coordinate an outfit to wear in mornings.  I am not one of those people that rolls out the bed as soon as the alarm goes off, I roll over and hit the snooze button a couple of times before I actually get up.

I give my self exactly one hour to get ready and head out the door. So for me staples are a must, it makes my life so much easier in the morning. Visible Monday - Not Dead Yet Style here I come.

Adding pearls to any outfit gives it a classic look.

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