Jan 17, 2016

8 Tips for Building a Better Relationship with your Teenager

My teenager will be 18 this fall. The time just seems to be flying by so quickly. I remember the day she was born, like it was yesterday. I call her my miracle baby, she was delivered by emergency c-section, 2 months early, weighting 1 lb 12 oz. But the miracle is she was fully developed and she survived.  God does work miracles!

I am a single parent and raising a child in a one parent household is not easy. But with Gods help, we made it and she will be on her way to college in  the fall. I wanted to share a few tips that I learned along this journey that worked for me.

Eight Tips for Raising a Teenager

Jan 3, 2016

Basic and Classic

I work in a corporate environment,  so I invest in a lot of basic pieces for my work wardrobe. I stick with neutral colors that I can coordinate with other pieces that I already own. Neutral colors makes it easier for me to add color but still maintain the corporate dress code.  Basic pieces for me are button down shirts in a variety of colors. Trousers in all styles, a great fitting jacket, skirts, dresses and classic pumps.

Having these basic staples in my closet makes it so much easier for me to coordinate an outfit to wear in mornings.  I am not one of those people that rolls out the bed as soon as the alarm goes off, I roll over and hit the snooze button a couple of times before I actually get up.

I give my self exactly one hour to get ready and head out the door. So for me staples are a must, it makes my life so much easier in the morning. Visible Monday - Not Dead Yet Style here I come.

Adding pearls to any outfit gives it a classic look.

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