Aug 28, 2018

Book Review - How To Pray in Times of Stress

Late last year I was going through a really rough time in my life.  It was a combination of health and job issues. Facing one obstacle can be hard, but dealing with two is was overwhelming.

Staying focus was hard, it was a daily battle for me not to worry or stress out over it, these problems really tested my faith everyday, but I can say it drew me closer to God.  I knew deep in my soul I needed to surrender my anxiety, worry and  fears to God and just wrap myself in his perfect peace. But being human and the flesh is weak and I fought with myself to surrender, so the struggle was real.

God doesn't give you more than you can bear. If he brings you to it, he will bring you through it.

I clothe myself in Gods word everyday. Searching the scriptures and praying out loud his promises to me.   This is one of my favorite verses that I repeated to myself daily when the fear and anxiety  popped up.

One day as I was in my local CVS, I ran into a lady that I knew  from my daily commute to work. I hadn't seen her in a while so we stopped to greet each other. For some reason she felt the need to share her story about the issues she was having on her job and with her health. I knew this divine connection was from God, I don't know this lady on a personal level nor have I ever had a conversation with her.  We just saw he other everyday on our daily commute and said hello.

I told her I understood what she was going through and shared with her that I am going through a similar situation.  Through out conversation we were able encourage and uplift each other. She showed me a book that she found on the christian book rack and told me she bought a copy a few weeks ago and thought it was a great read, perfect for her situation. So she stopped by CVS to pick up a few extra copies for her friends.

After we parted ways, the seed was planted in my head so I went to check out the rack to see if I could find that book. Not one copy was on the rack, I was a bit disappointed because I was curious to see what it was about. As I was searching through,  this book by Linda Evans Shepard caught my eye.

How to Pray in Times of Stress by Linda Evans Shepard. As I opened the book and looked at the content page I knew it was God that lead me to that book. As I read through the Table of Contents I saw that it covered topics of real emotions and feelings that we go through that can be stressful in our personal life.  Chapters 1, 2 & 12 were a source of encouragement and inspiration for me. I can't tell you how many times I read through these chapters, I then eventually read the entire book and was inspired even more.

In this inspiring book the author shares personal stories about herself and others, she explores the life of  biblical  characters that faced similar situations and prayers to help you to see that God is always present in our situation and we can trust him, cast our cares and receive his perfect peace no matter what we are going through. This book is for anyone that is overwhelmed, fearful, going through the valleys or just plain stressed out by life will find this book comforting, inspiring, encouraging and a helpful resource for dealing with your problems.

Have you read this book? Do you have a favorite book you want to share that is comforting when you are dealing with stress. Let's have a conversation.

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