Sep 10, 2018

16 Random Thoughts

This what I call a brain dump. Just things in my head that need to be written down

  • I am so glad summer is over, really looking forward to fall. Fall Foliage, soup, thanksgiving, boots, sweaters, my birthday, daylight savings time
  • NYC MTA should distribute a Subway and Bus etiquette manual to every household 
  • Why do I go to bed late and can't get up in the morning, even though the alarm clock is on the other side of the room
  • I really want a puppy but I am just too lazy to get up and walk it everyday
  • I just finished binge watching Ozark on Netflix, love that show. Now I am binge watching You Better Call Saul
  • I can't wait for Games of Thrones to return
  • My daughter turned 20 on Sunday and I am still in shock, where did the time go 
  • Tomorrow is 9/11 and the thoughts of that day is still fresh in my mind
  • The weather made a drastic change today. Had to pull out my jacket and scarf
  • God is God all the time
  • Currently reading - Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins. So far so good
  •  I have learned so much about business and motivating myself by listening to Podcast 
  • I gave up sewing, I don't love it as much as I love jewelry making
  • I am a strong woman, I have been through a lot and I am still standing
  • Cancer sucks 
  • I am just not motivated to exercise, got to get back at it

I am done with this weeks brain dump, stay tuned for another dump next week. Do find your head filled with random thoughts?  how do you empty out?  Lets talk. 

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