Sep 5, 2018

What Inspires Me - Dream Kitchen

As I peruse the internet and come across images of inspiration that I want to remember and refer back to at a later time I immediately go to Pinterest and create a board. I create boards that inspire me, dream boards of things that I love and would like to have in the near future, recipe boards and DIY projects.

Recently,  I have been pinning a lot of inspiration for my dream kitchen and bathroom. My two favorite rooms in the house. The kitchen which is the heart of any home. It's where you gather with your family and friends to cook, eat, talk and just laugh until your sides hurt and your stomach is full and content.

My second favorite room is the bathroom. This is my sanctuary, my personal space where I can escape from the cares of the world, take a bath, unwind and just relax for as long as I like

Since these rooms are areas where I spend a lot of time. I find myself putting a lot of thought into what my dream kitchen and bathroom should look like.  The color scheme, the size of the space, the fixtures, cabinets, flooring, appliances and material choices.

Recently I was asked to visit a website call Premier Surfaces with locations throughout the US. I was a little skeptical at first not knowing what to expect.  I was very impressed with what I saw. Their style and designs lined up perfectly with my own aesthetics.

This company is a  fabricator and installer of custom made countertops using natural stones like Granite, Marble, Limestone and Quartzite just to name a few.

As I was putting together my dream board I thought about the elements that were important to me when putting together my ultimate dream kitchen and bathroom. Here are some of my ideas.

*image courtesy of Premier Surfaces

  • The paint color is my starting point for all room decor. The color has to be soft and neutral. Giving the room an airy, fresh and clean vibe. Plus when the colors are neutral I can add any pop of color without worrying about the decor not blending well together. I can add color with my appliances, window shades, curtains, area rug or a bright bouquet of flowers.  I like having options.

*image courtesy of Premier Surfaces

  • My Kitchen space has to be spacious in size with plenty of countertop space for cooking and eating. I love this gray concrete countertop, it's just beautiful with a subtle hint of white marbling.  This countertop is perfect for adding a few bar stools to set up as a eat in kitchen or for hosting family gatherings with lots of eating, conversation and laughter.  Not only is the countertop ideal, but that window lets in lots of natural sun light. 

*image is a courtesy of premier surfaces

  • The fixtures are another important element in any kitchen they have to be made from strong and sturdy materials, pretty and yet functional. Fixtures especially the kitchen cabinet handles and faucets can get a lot of usages and you don't want them breaking or wearing out too soon.  A kitchen is not complete without a smart faucet. It's sensor activated so you never have to touch the faucet while prepping your food or cooking. It's a good way to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria as you cook and it also helps to conserve water.

*image is a courtesy of premier surfaces

  • A must have for me is a double sink that is deep and wide. To hold all my dirty dishes, and prepare my meals at the same time.  There are so many options to choose from when selecting a sink. It's just as important to select the right one as with everything else in your kitchen. You can go with stainless steel or natural stones. There is also the double sinks, the single sink,  the offset double sink or if you are into vintage, how about his cute little vintage Apron front or Farm House sink as it's called. It's not your traditional sink, it's wider and deeper and requires custom fitting but if you want something that will stand out, this is the way to go. 

*image is a courtesy of premier surfaces

Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear all about your favorite room in the house and what you inspires you. 

Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with Premier Surfaces Buffalo, NY - The fabricator and installer of custom countertops and surfaces. 

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